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If you wish to partner with us on a project or would luck to discuss the possibility of funding our work, please contact us at


We have partnered with the Museum of London and Faiths Forum on an exciting programme taking place over the next two years working with Young Faith Historians that will engage with the Museum's objects and contribute to a film that will be shown at the new London Museum for years to come. 


The Museum of London is moving to a new location at Smithfield Market and is preparing a new display all about faith in London. We are working with young people living and working in London to contribute to a film about practising faith. They are researching and sharing their family and communities' stories of faith in the city and gaining experience working in the museum and heritage sector!

The link below highlights the full details of what it means to be a Faith Historian on this programme.

Oh & did we mention the Young Faith Historians are paid!

Museum of London Website Page:

Applications for Young Faith Historians are now CLOSED.

To find out more about the partnership email or follow us on social media for live updates. 

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