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Annually, we make a concerted effort to actively participate in a multitude of Freshers Fairs, and this year was no exception. Our outreach extended across various fairs in London, with notable appearances at the University of Greenwich, Westminster, and Middlesex University. Engaging with an enthusiastic audience, we successfully connected with over 1000 students, sparking their interest in our diverse multifaith programs.

In a significant development this year, we formed a strategic partnership with the Faiths Forum of London. Together, we encouraged students to take a step towards civic engagement by registering to vote, aligning with the Greater London Authorities' Register to Vote campaign. Additionally, we seized the opportunity to raise awareness about voter ID laws, contributing to a more informed student community.

Our unwavering commitment lies in empowering young voices, and we firmly believe that participating in the democratic process through casting a vote is an influential avenue for them to express their opinions and contribute to societal discourse.

Watch short videos of us at Freshers Fairs on X below. 

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