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We are a non-political organisation. We do not support any political party. However, we do encourage everyone to engage in the democratic process and have their voice heard. Registering to vote is the first step in this journey. As a result, we are proud supporters of #LondonVoterRegistrationWeek and other voter registration campaigns that aim to amplify the voice of the youth. 

Young people are the future. The future has a voice.

We were at the University of Greenwich, Westminster and Middlesex University informing over 1000 students about changes to voter ID laws and encouraging young people to register to vote as part of the Greater London Authority register-to-vote campaign. We partnered with Faiths Forum for London to ensure that voices of young people from all backgrounds are heard #NoVoteNoVoice

We are actively raising awareness amongst students of changes to voter laws, including the necessity of having an accepted form of photo ID to vote.

STUDENTS PLEASE NOTE: Student ID is not considered an accepted form of photo ID to vote🗳️

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