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Difficulty with deploying evaluation methods that can accurately measure the impact of our work is an issue shared between all interfaith organisations. Nonetheless, we are committed to a strict evaluation process that aims to assess the effectiveness of our programmes.

As a new organisation founded in late September 2022, we are only beginning to execute on programmes and events. We will release an annual impact report that details the outputs of our activities and together with our leadership team and network, will we critically assess how we can improve the overall effectiveness of the organisation.

We are always looking for how we can better support students on campus. 

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We exist to amplify student voices. 

Following every programme and event that we run, we ask a student at random to write a blog showcasing their experience. We ask our students to be open and honest with their assessment when evaluating how the activity impacted them. The blogs are shared through our media channels, amplifying the views and shining a spotlight on the personal perspectives of our student attendees. 

We will be constantly releasing student blogs. Sign-up to our newsletter to keep-up-date with the latest blog posts. If you are a student and wish to write a blog for us, please get in touch at

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We are committed to a data-driven approach to programme creation.

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